Aquarius water-based coatings are formulated using tested raw materials. Styrene acrylate polymers and dispersion of carefully selected acrylate emulsions are used in formulating the coating that guarantees the right finishing required by the printing industry. Aquarius water-based coatings are leading in the market due to their quality and strength in innovation. Aquarius offers a wide variety of water-based coatings for the printing industry. On request we have a capacity to develop numerous special coatings for your specific requirement profile.

Water Base Coatings

Water Base 2315

Matte Duct
Emulsion 2720

Gloss Duct
Emulsion 2730

High Gloss Duct
Emulsion 2950

Water Base 3050

High Gloss
Water Base 4185

Water Base 115020

Water Base 116655