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SAS Pressroom Chemistry provides innovative and unique chemical technology that is formulated, produced and supplied to all over Pakistan. Solutions are available for convictional and UV presses printing. Our company specializes in producing bio based pressroom chemicals which include variety of cleaners and plate developers.

Fountain Solutions

Hydronic 120

Hydronic 240

Hydronic 360

Hydronic 380

Hydronic 405 C

Washes And Cleaners

Pristine 40
Roller And Blanket Wash

Pristine 60
Roller And Blanket Wash

UV Wash

Plate Cleaner

AQ Coating
Plate Cleaner

Flexo Analox Cleaner
Microclean D 52

Flexo Analox Cleaner
Microclean P 26

Biotech UV Wash

Developers And Replenishers

PS Plate Developer

CTP Plate Developer

CTP Developer Pro Max

CTCP Plate Developer

CTP Replenisher

Rescue Processer Cleaner

Plate Gums

Roller Maintenance

Blast Roller And Blanket Rejuvenator

Relief Calcium Remover

Dyna Klean Deep Roller Cleaner

Roller Lube
Anti-Friction Paste

Pull It Off
Roller Paste